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Intimacy as Event
A workshop, directed performance-experiment and discussion

The Live Art Garden Initiatives' Artist review series
Immersivity, art, architecture, sound and ecology

The Live Art Garden Initiatives’ programme of live art practice sessions 04/05

Untitled live art work

Untitled live art and video project

'This Week'


A workshop devised to explore aspects of intimacy and involving participation in a directed performance-experiment and a discussion. Goldsmiths College, University of London. Dec 2007. Performance-experiment directed by Lauren Goode (workshop leader). Special guest artists included: Helen Palmer, Fabrizio Manco and Rachel Gomme. This workshop was part of the INTIMACY Across Visceral and Digital Performance conference/event programme, co-directed by Maria Chatzichristodoulou and Rachel Zerihan.

Six symposia events - transdisciplinary presentations facilitating critical exchange, discussion and review. Initiator, curator and coordinator: Lauren Goode. Supported by the ‘Networking Artists’ Networks Initiative’ (NAN) through a-n The Artist Information Company. Co-organised by the Live Art Garden Initiative and Electronic Music Studios, Goldsmiths College. 2006-07.

Artist-led sessions by the participating artists. Collaborative and directed experimentation in contrasting parks, gardens, and natural or landscaped environments. Artists: Charlotte Bernstein, Regine Elliot, Sonia Davin-Smith, Lauren Goode, Claire Keating, Maria Llanderas, Fabrizio Manco, Helen Palmer, Carla Vendramin. Nov 2004 to Dec 2005.

Five durational performances, each of two hours. Lauren Goode and Maria Llanderas. Site specific work with specially designed costumes by Lauren Goode. The Observatory Gardens, Greenwich Royal Park. June 2005

Collaborative live art performance and experimental video project. Site-specific work. Artists: Charlotte Bernstein (Artist-in-residence), Maria Llanderas and Lauren Goode. Costume design: Lauren Goode. Heathmount School Grounds, Hertfordshire. Dec-May 2005

Online artwork space. Initial curatorial brief: art submitted should be 'timely', either in relation to private or public events or issues of that week. Participating artists: the Live Art Garden Initiative associate artists. Commenced 2006.

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