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Associate artists


The informal collective


The associate artists bring a range of various experience and specialism to the project. In addition to training at postgraduate level or beyond they have considerable experience of professional practice. Their backgrounds include live art, visual art, sculpture, installation, mixed-media, movement, dance, dance-theatre, drama, physical theatre, and interdisciplinary practice.


Charlotte Bernstein
Lauren Goode
Fabrizio Manco
Maria Llanderas
Helen Morse Palmer
Carla Vendramin


The following include artists, researchers and practitioners encompassing a wide range of research areas and transdisciplinary interests, and who have kindly supported the Live Art Garden Initiative through their participation in and/or commitment to various recent, or previous, Initiative projects.

Although, not an organised membership group or network, it is hoped that the informal and growing collective of participants, will remain interested in the Initiative's long-term project and become involved again as further opportunities are organised and enabled through fund-raising.

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